wmhilton I do all sorts of things...

I'm a much better web developer than this site would suggest. 😃
I've just been working on cooler stuff than this site.

My two latest projects are extraordinary. They're not really ready for release (or even beta testing) but once they are, I'm going to write not just one, but a whole series of blog posts about them.

Prior to that: Bare metal programming!

Prior to that, I was on a tooling binge. Check out:

These tools are all hovering around the 90% complete stage. I'm saving that last 10% for a rainy weekend.

Check out Projects!

I do! Not all of them are still in existance. However, here are some recent commercial projects I've worked on that I'm proud of:

Elon Musk had one. My parents often wonder, but I do have a plan. (I also have a 5-year plan!)

My plan is to migrate content from https://sites.google.com/site/wmhilton/home over here, since Github is the place to be these days. That's been my plan since 2014 though so don't hold your breath. I should make that part of my 5-year plan.

Meanwhile, perhaps you'd like to peruse some of my code projects over at @wmhilton?